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Econfina Springs in a Clear Canoe (Klear Kanoo)


We loaded up our Clear Canoes, spelled..Klear Kanoos on our truck Sunday morning. The weather was perfect. 90 degrees with puffy clouds in the sky. A slight cool breeze was the only sign that Fall is coming. On our way, we received alot of happy waves and surprised, pointing fingers from cars that pass us on way. People smile and waive or give us the “thumbs up” because they like the boats. “I’ve never seen anything like it” or “those are so cool, where can I get one?” we’re asked at stop lights. We smile back. So glad that the Kanoos make people happy!

We arrived at the Econfina Springs Canoe Drop area, carried the boats down to the staging dock and the adventure was on! We took a picnic lunch, some fishing poles and paddled off.

The beauty of nature surrounded us. The canopy of trees with rays of sunlight shined through as we drifted on cool water as we were carried along in a smooth, flowing current. Below and around us, nothing to impede the view. It was like literally ‘sitting on water’.

We sit in these totally clear canoes. We had been in them many times before on our many Klear Kanoo adventures, but we were both even more proud of them today. Their performance on the river was impressive.

The current was smooth and moving at a moderate speed. There were fallen trees that would come up pretty quickly and the Klear Kanoos maneuvered quite impressively. They take waves and cut through water with the V-shaped bow then flatten to a 3 ft wide, flat bottom that lends terrific stability!  We were able to steer easily and make controlled stops and turns!

All the while, we sit. Completely surrounded by water. Underneath, on the sides, there is nothing to impede our view. We see river floor as we glide along. Fish swim underfoot. We can even see tree limbs that would be unseen, under the water.

Awed by the beauty, we paddle along. Then, in the distance, we see it. Spring water. The clearest, cleanest most beautiful water you ever want to see. It turns from a light tea color to a luminescent green-blue. Breathtaking. It totally surrounded us. Below, around, in front, back. We were floating on this incredible water. It was like a dream. So glad we were on a Klear Kanoo (Clear Canoe)!

See pics and video below…

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DSCF3966DSCF3984DSCF3995 DSCF4072DSCF4032DSCF4047photo copy small   See video of this Kool adventure Click here!