Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Klear Kanoo clear kayaks the BEST? Check out some of our FAQ’s.

Who is Klear Kanoo?

Klear Kanoo is the Exclusive Distributor of this Totally Clear Kayak.

We are located in Miramar Beach Florida.

You may have seen or even used other clear boats but did they have a solid formed, ergonomic seat with armrests?

Klear Kanoo does. Our new model boats have no aluminum frame to impede your amazing view and no skeg is needed on this fantastic, well designed boat model!!

Soon, everybody will know about these boats and you’ll be seeing them EVERYWHERE!

Who Can Kanoo?
Turtle and Jellyfish Encounter in Blue Mountain Beach, FL! Play the video. Thank you Michael & Cindy Townsend! Proud New Klear Kanoo Owners!

ANYONE! Any person, any age and any skill level can paddle these boats!

They are very stable and easy to use.

Klear Kanoo has a 425 lbs. limit.

How Much Do they Cost?

Our Klear Kanoo price with 2 comfortable and supportive seats and 2 transparent paddles is only $1,900 (+ tax in FL) No tax when out of state.

We also offer FREE local delivery to your Emerald Coast home from our warehouse in Miramar Beach.

We ship our clear kayaks anywhere. Shipping is $350 Anywhere in Continental US. Delivery in 14 days or sooner.

Call to arrange payment.

Best of all, we keep them IN STOCK, AND READY TO DELIVER!

What is the difference between the old model and the new one?

Klear Kanoo Old Style

old style kanoo


new style kanoo

The new model is clearer, sleeker, easier to maneuver and it’s much more comfortable which means MORE FUN! .


The new model has comfortable and completely clear formed seats with arm rests, the old model had vinyl seats and you sat on the floor of the boat and could slide around.

The new model can be configured with One or Two seats.

Hull & Frame:

The new model is truly transparent! It has nothing to get in the way of your view, no aluminum frame or black trim around the boat.


They have models with and without a skeg but they do not need a skeg to keep you tracking straight like the old model did.  


What's Polycarbonate?

The high-tech polymer that is used for the Klear Kanoo is better known as Polycarbonate and is the same durable material used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies. As the premier engineering thermoplastic, polycarbonate replaces the limitations of many traditional materials with its unmatched combination of high performance features. One of the most distinctive attributes of the material is its high impact strength. Few other engineering plastics can match its ability to stand up to hard knocks in very cold or very hot temperatures and U/V exposure. Products made from Polycarbonate are shatter-resistant and virtually unbreakable. The best proof for the material durability, weather ability and impact resistance is that fighter jet canopies are made out of Polycarbonate. We are sooooo glad that someone had the idea to make a transparent kayak out of it!

Can a Klear Kanoo be used as a Stand up Paddleboard?

Stand up PaddleboardYes! Definitely! Check it out.

Do scratches on the Klear Kanoo affect visibility?

No. Once the boat is in the water any scratches will not be noticeable.  If you drag the boat it will scratch… But they are so light weight that you never need to drag it. They’re only 39 Lbs. so they’re easy for anyone to carry. 🙂 And If there are any scratches, it’s a non-issue. All scratches disappear when the boat is put in the water because the water fills up the scratch! Visibility is not hindered… AMAZING!

What do they come with?

All Klear Kanoos come complete with 2 seats & 2 paddles.

Can be configured as one or two seaters.

Klear Kanoo Shirts & HatsWe also include free Klear Kanoo swag like T-shirts, hats and fun decals!

Where can I see one?

Just give us a call and we’ll arrange a showing! Prepare to be impressed!