Clear Canoe in the Gulf Adventure! Klear Kanoo

Clear Canoe

We packed up the Clear Canoe (Spelled Klear Kanoo) and headed for the Gulf of Mexico on a perfect beach day! The wind was mild and coming from a Northerly direction resulting in flat, calm waters! We unloaded as many admirers oohed, ahhed with their eyes glued on our Kanoo. We walked along the sand to the shore. We smiled back as our excitement grew as we neared the shore. The Gulf was a fantastic aqua blue and as soon as we set the boat in the water, we knew we were in for a real treat! With our gear, cooler and ourselves in the boat, we paddled off. The Turquoise color surrounded us entirely. Below, we could see the ocean floor. It felt like we were magically floating on the water with a clear view of the world below. We caught our first glimpse of sea life below the boat. A large school of fish danced as they swam underfoot. With nothing to impede our view, it was like Scuba Diving but without the tanks, equipment and masks! Onlookers pointed and gave us the thumbs up as we passed. I know they thought the boat was cool but there was no way they knew just how cool paddling in this boat is! We sat in our hard formed seats with back support and armrests comfortable as can be! We saw fish and jellyfish. We had hoped to see a turtle or dolphin but really, just floating along in our Klear Kanoo on that perfect day was enough!

These Kanoo’s are perfect for all ages and all skill levels. Anyone can Kanoo! Especially with the formed seats with back support!

They are a great gift for the family! Give the gift of a Kanoo! Visit or call 850-598-0454 to order yours today! We deliver free locally and can ship anywhere in the USA for $300.

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