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Vie Magazine did a FANTASTIC article on Klear Kanoo last month. Here are some excerpts from…


by Amanda Crowley


Madriaga is a broker and realtor with ResortQuest Real Estate based in Miramar Beach, Florida, when she’s not wearing her entrepreneurial hat and promoting the Klear Kanoo. She relates that over the past few years, countless hours have been invested to improve upon the original model, making a great idea even better. The new Kanoo has a “much better shape and is better for waves,” Madriaga says. “The new designs are also easy to get in and out of, making them perfect for people of all ages to use. We like to say, ‘Any age, any skill level can Kanoo!’”

Weighing in at an incredibly light thirty-nine pounds, the Klear Kanoo is easy to transport and made of a high-tech polycarbonate. This incredibly durable high-impact polymer is also used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies, and the practically indestructible material can go from extremely low to high temperatures without any worries. The material won’t yellow and does not heat up in the sun like other plastics can, making for a comfortable ride for paddlers in any climate.


“The popularity of the boats is growing quickly,” Madriaga says. “I’ve seen the Kanoos locally in Northwest Florida at Crab Island and all over the area in rivers, in springs, in the bay, and at the beach.” It’s easy to envision the success of such an idea in and around coastal towns, but Klear Kanoo has expanded and is now selling across the country. Kanoos have been shipped all over—from South Florida to California—to excited clients who are ready to discover a new view of their favorite aquatic locations.

Model in a Klear Kanoo on Western Lake in Grayton Beach State Park


Klear Kanoos can be shipped to anywhere in the United States, but Madriaga delivers locally for free from the warehouse located in Miramar Beach. “We deliver in the Klear Kanoo Mobile, with a big bow on the boat,” she says. “It’s a great gift the whole family can enjoy.” Each boat purchase comes with suction cup drink holders and Klear Kanoo T-shirts and hats as exclusive bonus gifts for owners. Many owners of beach rental homes or condos are buying Klear Kanoos and offering them as amenities for their guests. Beach rental companies are also beginning to offer rentals of the boats.

“Riding in a Kanoo is a beautiful experience—like scuba diving, but without the tank or the wetsuit,” Madriaga expounds. “It’s amazing to experience the water under and around you. This isn’t a glass-bottom boat; the entire boat is clear! We see turtles, fish, and jellyfish often, but even just seeing the Gulf floor is incredibly cool.”

The Kanoos can be modified for fishing enthusiasts by attaching rod holders, providing the ultimate fishing experience: seeing the catch before you reel it in! Additionally, a Klear Kanoo comes with two seats, but Madriaga found a way to modify the boats to accommodate a single rider by making them removable. “Though,” she adds, “if you leave it with two, there’s a seat for your cooler. A day on the water wouldn’t be complete without a cooler of snacks!”


It’s amazing to experience the water under and around you. This isn’t a glass-bottom boat; the entire boat is clear!


For Madriaga, the excitement lies just as much on land as at sea. “I love my job, seeing people so happy and having fun,” she says. “It’s great watching how excited people are when the Klear Kanoo Mobile drives up and we take the boats out on the water.” Introducing clients to the product and answering questions about the boats are added bonuses for both Madriaga and the customers when they get local delivery. “We are a business, but we also provide a service and love to make people happy. We’ve become friends with all of our clients and love to get pictures, videos, and comments on how much people love their boats!” Madriaga posts them on the company Facebook page and website.

“I bought my Klear Kanoo a year ago. It’s been one of my best purchases ever,” says Mike Reynolds of Milton, Florida. “It’s opened up a whole new adventure that we are not able to see from on top of the water. Just one outing in the Klear Kanoo and you’re hooked. Not to mention all the attention it gets from people who see it; no one can simply walk by without taking a look at it.”

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Clear Canoe in the Gulf Adventure! Klear Kanoo

Clear Canoe

We packed up the Clear Canoe (Spelled Klear Kanoo) and headed for the Gulf of Mexico on a perfect beach day! The wind was mild and coming from a Northerly direction resulting in flat, calm waters! We unloaded as many admirers oohed, ahhed with their eyes glued on our Kanoo. We walked along the sand to the shore. We smiled back as our excitement grew as we neared the shore. The Gulf was a fantastic aqua blue and as soon as we set the boat in the water, we knew we were in for a real treat! With our gear, cooler and ourselves in the boat, we paddled off. The Turquoise color surrounded us entirely. Below, we could see the ocean floor. It felt like we were magically floating on the water with a clear view of the world below. We caught our first glimpse of sea life below the boat. A large school of fish danced as they swam underfoot. With nothing to impede our view, it was like Scuba Diving but without the tanks, equipment and masks! Onlookers pointed and gave us the thumbs up as we passed. I know they thought the boat was cool but there was no way they knew just how cool paddling in this boat is! We sat in our hard formed seats with back support and armrests comfortable as can be! We saw fish and jellyfish. We had hoped to see a turtle or dolphin but really, just floating along in our Klear Kanoo on that perfect day was enough!

These Kanoo’s are perfect for all ages and all skill levels. Anyone can Kanoo! Especially with the formed seats with back support!

They are a great gift for the family! Give the gift of a Kanoo! Visit or call 850-598-0454 to order yours today! We deliver free locally and can ship anywhere in the USA for $300.

Econfina Springs in a Clear Canoe (Klear Kanoo)


We loaded up our Clear Canoes, spelled..Klear Kanoos on our truck Sunday morning. The weather was perfect. 90 degrees with puffy clouds in the sky. A slight cool breeze was the only sign that Fall is coming. On our way, we received alot of happy waves and surprised, pointing fingers from cars that pass us on way. People smile and waive or give us the “thumbs up” because they like the boats. “I’ve never seen anything like it” or “those are so cool, where can I get one?” we’re asked at stop lights. We smile back. So glad that the Kanoos make people happy!

We arrived at the Econfina Springs Canoe Drop area, carried the boats down to the staging dock and the adventure was on! We took a picnic lunch, some fishing poles and paddled off.

The beauty of nature surrounded us. The canopy of trees with rays of sunlight shined through as we drifted on cool water as we were carried along in a smooth, flowing current. Below and around us, nothing to impede the view. It was like literally ‘sitting on water’.

We sit in these totally clear canoes. We had been in them many times before on our many Klear Kanoo adventures, but we were both even more proud of them today. Their performance on the river was impressive.

The current was smooth and moving at a moderate speed. There were fallen trees that would come up pretty quickly and the Klear Kanoos maneuvered quite impressively. They take waves and cut through water with the V-shaped bow then flatten to a 3 ft wide, flat bottom that lends terrific stability!  We were able to steer easily and make controlled stops and turns!

All the while, we sit. Completely surrounded by water. Underneath, on the sides, there is nothing to impede our view. We see river floor as we glide along. Fish swim underfoot. We can even see tree limbs that would be unseen, under the water.

Awed by the beauty, we paddle along. Then, in the distance, we see it. Spring water. The clearest, cleanest most beautiful water you ever want to see. It turns from a light tea color to a luminescent green-blue. Breathtaking. It totally surrounded us. Below, around, in front, back. We were floating on this incredible water. It was like a dream. So glad we were on a Klear Kanoo (Clear Canoe)!

See pics and video below…

They’re $2,350, we deliver free to the local area and can ship to anywhere in the continental US for $350. Call or email today. (850) 598-0454 – [email protected]

Experience the Magic for yourself. Buy a Klear Kanoo for you and your family. You deserve it! Memorable family experiences await!

DSCF3966DSCF3984DSCF3995 DSCF4072DSCF4032DSCF4047photo copy small   See video of this Kool adventure Click here!

Baby Dolphin Stranded and Saved in Panama City!

dolphin pic

A juvenile female bottlenose dolphin was found stranded on June 28 on the beach near Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach. The dolphin was rescued and taken to Gulf World Marine Institute (GWMI) for testing and treatment.

The dolphin is still in critical condition and being treated by GWMI staff veterinarian Dr. Staggs at the Institute. It appears that the rough surf caused salt water and sand got to enter into the blowhole causing aspiration pneumonia. This was not the cause of her stranding but a complication from the beaching process.

When a dolphin strands it is already severely ill and it beaches itself as a last ditch effort to survive. The dolphin had a rough night but is improving slightly this morning. Along with her pneumonia and severe lung worm infection she is also severely anemic. She is being tended to 24 hours a day to ensure the best possible chance of survival.

The dolphin rescue operation was assisted by Bay County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) and Gulf World Marine Institute.

If you see a stranded dolphin along the beach follow these steps to get help:

  1. First and foremost, call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s 24 hr Hotline at 1-888-404-3922 or call Gulf World Marine Park’s stranding line at 850-258-6968.
  1. Get the animal upright and make sure that the blowhole is out of the water. If it is stranded in rough waters, move it slightly on shore so that the waves are not breaking over its blowhole.
  1. Never push a beached dolphin back into the water.

Panama City Beach’s longstanding educational facility, Gulf World Marine Park, pulls double duty as the Area Coordinator for the Southeast Marine Mammal Stranding Network. And when Gulf World’s team of experts isn’t out rescuing dolphins and sea turtles, they’re educating kids and kids-at-heart about the fascinating animals with which we share our planet.

Gulf World Marine Park works with non-profit Gulf World Marine Institute to respond to sick, injured or stranded animals, rehabilitate and release them into the wild and serve as an educational resource to schools throughout our area. The Institute has rescued thousands of sick and debilitated marine animals since 1970. Learn more about their important work and consider donating to support stranding nad rescue program at

Gulf World Marine Park is located at 15412 Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach. The park is open daily from 9:30 am-6 pm. For show times, pricing and information, please visit or call (850) 234-5271.

News You Can Use!

Grayton Beach gets an Artificial Reef!

Grayton Beach gets an Artificial Reef!


Grayton Beach gets an Artificial Reef! Yay! SWARA (South Walton Artificial Reef Association) has succeeded after many years of hard work to get Artificial Reefs installed 400 feet off of the Grayton Beach State Park. The dredging boat brought the Reefs in on Friday am from Mobile, AL. and spent the better part of the day, assembling, then installing each pylon one by one. The units form the shape of a turtle. These reefs are expected to attract a huge variety of sea life and allow for excellent diving, snorkeling and of course… Klear Kanooing! See the video.

To Protect, conserve and enhance marine fisheries

That was the driving force for Andy McAlexander when he started the South Walton Artificial Reef Association close to two years ago.

“The idea came to me to create a system of near shore reefs that are accessible to kayak, paddle board and just free swimming from here,” said McAlexander. “And we are fortunate enough that we have been able to receive a ton of support from our local community that has propelled us in the last two years.”

But it has been a journey to get to where they are today.

Funding was the number one obstacle for the organization.

The Coastal Conservation Association was the first group to help, and from there that act caused a domino effect.

“Which gave our county commission and local TDC the confidence to invest in what we were doing and begin to open their eyes to the future of what this program can bring to our county,” said VP of SWARA, Jim Richard.

“Alys Beach Foundation, The Coastal Conservation Association, Stinky’s Fish Camp, and the Tourist Development Council, of course the Howard Group played a major role, and just recently, the St. Joe’s Foundation,” said McAlexander.

Each structure costs between $3,000 to $5,000.

But the funding doesn’t stop once the artificial reefs are built and placed into the Gulf at Grayton Beach.

McAlexander says it will take annual support and constant belief to increase the economic basis of the entire community.

“There are four snorkel reefs, they are on second sand bar, and they are equally spaced through out the county about five to six miles apart. Starting at Grayton Beach State Park. Then we have nine fish dive reefs that are in 55 to 60 feet of water, those are spaced about two to three miles apart all at major public accesses,” said McAlexander.

SWARA Hopes to deploy the first artificial reef sometime this fall or winter.

“By creating something where people can access it readily from our beaches and they will see what is down there, they will see coral, they will see fish, as oppose to just white sand,” said McAlexander.

“A living habitat for small fish and it will create a much larger ecosystem right off of our beaches that are pretty much barren,” said Richard.

McAlexander says the strong support from the community will keep this project going for generations to come.

“When you see what is out there, what we are creating and what we are bringing to the community, I think it is a win for everyone,” stated McAlexander.

To learn more about SWARA you can visit their website, and Facebook page.

If you’d like to help support this noble cause, it’s not too late, SWARA needs substantial financial support.

Klear Kanoo Transparent Canoes