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Klear Kanoo Rentals:

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Destin Area/30A/Pensacola

Paradise 30A Concierge – Delivered Rentals – Ask for Dustyn  618-303-7888

Kanoo Rentals  –  Pensacola Area  – Ask for David  –  850-982-4320

Hilton Sandestin Beach Resort Beach Rentals – Ask for Tiffany


3D Watersports Exuma, Bahamas – Ask for Daran 954-920-9292


More to come….

Interested in adding Klear Kanoos to your beach rental offerings?

That’s a great idea!

Offer something special… order your Klear Kanoo Transparent Kayaks for your Beach Rental company today!

We only offer the highest quality clear canoes on the market. For the Ultimate Glass Bottom boat experience, call Klear Kanoo and order the BEST clear kayaks available.


Get Klear Kanoo Gear

Beach Rental Sales #1

Super Durable Polycarbonate

Impact Resistant and tough enough to stand up to your renters! They don’t need to be dragged because they’re only 39 lbs! With proper care your Klear Kanoo clear canoes can last several seasons!

Beach Rental Sales #3

Elegant & Fun!

Your renters will love these clear canoes and their unique boating experience! They will want to pay extra to rent a totally see through boat! You’ll have a craze on your hands!

In Demand

Folks everywhere are asking about this amazing boat experience! We get calls everyday for beach rentals! The demand is already here! You simply need to supply it!

Beach Rental Sales #5

Already in Service

Currently the Hilton Sandestin ® Resort Beach Service is renting the heck out of these boats. They have people waiting in line to rent them and charge $40.00 per hour all day long.

$$$ Money Makers

$40.00 X Estimated 6 hours daily = $240.00 per day for 8 days = They Pay for themselves!

Questions Answered

Do the boats scratch?

Yes, if you drag them on the beach they will scratch, just like a paddle board or any other watercraft will. You don’t have to drag them though. They’re only 39 lbs., so you and your client can each carry an end and walk it to the water at less than 20lbs per side. Easy! The Hilton Sandestin® is going on their second season with the boats and say:

“It’s a total non-issue!”

They’re anchoring them on the beach and just leaving them there since they rent so well.

Klear Kanoo Clear Kayaks are light weight

Do they need special treatment?

No, these boats are made of Super Strong Polycarbonate. (The material used for bulletproof windows and fighter-jet canopies) They bounce if impacted. They do not yellow nor do they cloud up.

They’re tough enough for your most demanding renters!

How well do they handle?

Klear Kanoo Clear Kayak with a couple on Dune LakeThey very track well. They are very stable and maneuverable! They are super easy, even for the novice!

How comfortable are they?

The Polycarbonate seats are shaped for comfort and back support. The ergonomically shaped backs allow for hours of comfortable sitting.

They even have armrests.

How do these boats compare with a clear-bottom Kayak?

No comparison! Your view is unlimited in a Klear Kanoo. Also, the clear material used to make those kayaks is not Polycarbonate, so you get yellowing and clouding. Besides… if you were a renter, which would you pick?

How many can it sit?

They can be used as one or two seaters. Perfect for you and a loved one!

What's the Weight Limit?

Klear Kanoo Review #1425 lbs. maximum recommended weight.

Can they sink?

Non Sinking CanoeNo, we outfit our Klear Kanoos, used for beach rentals, with an attractive floater system that makes the boats unsinkable. Even if completely filled with water! Most end users do not use these but we know renters can be tough on your equipment so the Klear Kanoos are tough too! The unsinkable Klear Kanoo!

What do they come with?

All Klear Kanoos come complete with 2 seats & 2 paddles.

Do I get a discount on multi-boat purchases?

Yes! Call us today at 850-598-0454 for discounts on purchases of 5 boats or more.

How long will it take for my multi-boat order to come in?

4-6 Weeks. Order now to get your boats.

Klear Kanoo Transparent Kayak Rental Companies & Dealers

Want to become a Klear Kanoo Dealer?

We can supply you with all the information you need to sell these awesome transparent kayaks! We are interested in developing dealerships that are outside the NW Florida area (which we service). If you are near beaches, lakes, bays, rivers or any popular kayak spots consider offering your customers a Klear Kanoo transparent Kayak. Contact us for more information


Looking to rent a Klear Kanoo transparent Kayak? We will keep this list updated so check back often if you don’t see them being rented in your area. If you have a Rental Company and want to offer Klear Kanoo transparent see-through kayaks, get more information here